Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer Date Possibly Announced

David Vonderhaar recently tweeted that the Black Ops 2 multiplayer trailer will be released in 7 or 8 weeks (August 14th - August 15th as of the time he wrote and published the tweet). He didn't mention anything about Black Ops 2, but it's obvious from the tweet that he is talking about it.

"So many good questions but inaccurate answers," Is pretty obvious if you break it down. What's one thing everyone does before a game releases? Ask questions that no one else has answers to except the game developers. Vonderhaar is saying most of the answers people have been receiving for questions are highly inaccurate and that the REAL answers will be revealed in 8 weeks, when the multiplayer trailer is revealed.

This is really exciting for CoD fans, as from what we have seen so far, Black Ops 2 will not be an ordinary Call of Duty. 

He also tweeted, "I will single handily make your timeline bleed in agony and drown in facts. Might want to find the unfollow button. Just in case." If you're looking for some more Black Ops 2 news, follow @DavidVonderhaar on Twitter.

So guys, who's excited to see what Treyarch is bringing us this time? Are you looking for humorous killstreaks like the RC-XD, or are you looking for a whole new multiplayer experience?

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