Sunday, July 22, 2012

MW3 Major Updates Eminent

More MW3 updates are due to be released for Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360 users and PS3 users will be receiving their July DLC drops, Xbox gets the MW2 Terminal Map Pack for free, and updates that Mark Rubin from Infinity Ward has revealed.

Mark Rubin has already confirmed that an update has gone live for some consoles. Here is what he said:

MW3 Update:
Lag Comp (Xbox & PS3) – TDM has some settings that replicate to an extent MW2 lag comp settings. More to be done here. Moving to all playlists soon. Probably sometime next week barring any issues. PC is still being worked on as well but is a different code path.
Matchmaking (Xbox) – Domination has a new matchmaking schema. It no longer uses Hilbert regions but rather country code based on your IP. Improvements to that coming in upcoming patch. But if you have been matchmaking a lot with people from other countries please try this out and see if it is better.
Spawning (All) – Faceoff maps have had more spawn points added and a slight tweak to the logic. Should reduce the amount of spawn trapping. But the maps are small so spawning will always feel dangerous. Part of the fun of the mode. A full re-write on spawn logic is in the works but will be some time before it is ready.
DLC – Terminal is out for everyone on Xbox. I’ll be able to announce the date for Ps3 and PC sometime soon pending PR approval. Probably next week or so. Yes Terminal will be free for everyone just as it is on Xbox.
PS3 DLC Issues – Some of the issues with PS3 DLC have been resolved. There are still isolated cases of people losing their Elite Subscription (me included) and also of some DLC content that seems to be either unplayable or un-downloadable. We are still working with Sony on those issues. Hit up @candyslexia for possible solutions for DLC issues.
Weapon Balance – We have started our pass on weapons here at the studio and are testing out some changes. We are just hitting ARs and SMGs at first. Our current philosophy on this right now is not to nerf but rather to buff those weapons that are under-performing. Not sure yet on the eta of when these changes will go live.
Playlist Updates – I don’t have any info yet on Playlist updates just yet. Hoping to get to that soon.
Mark Rubin also discussed the possibility of a Terminal 24/7 playlist and said that they are, "Looking into the possibility. Just figuring out best timing." 
Infinity Ward developer Ghandi has been posting on their forums updates about their attempts to fix lag compensation, to make it better for the host and the players. 

Generally there have been mixed results. More people are reporting an improvement in TDM than a degradation. In GW it’s a wash. We have three settings in test internally with additional instrumentation code added that we began significant testing on under various simulated lag, NAT, packet loss and jitter and ISP conditions. We are looking at each and measuring which is provides the most accurate results. This will be pushed live soon.

It'll be a few days before the update goes live for the playlists. He also mentioned that the new Face Off spawn challenge is expected to "go live soon."

Are you guys ready to get the new updates? I'm a PS3 user, and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on Terminal, it was my favorite map in MW2. Are you guys expecting more free DLC from Infinity Ward, or knowing them, do you think this is the first, and the last?


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