Friday, July 6, 2012

New MW3 Patch 1.17 Explained

Let's just get this out of the way to save the questions. If a hotfix or patch comes out for major videogame titles, you can expect an article on it here within a few hours of it coming out, even though I only post Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I want this to be one of the first websites you check if you see you need to download a patch to see what's new.

So a new patch was released this morning, July 5, 2012, for the PlayStation 3, around 31 MB in size for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. PS3 users, myself included, have been having a really hard time finding matches in MW3. This patch makes an effort to make matchmaking quicker. I've been noticing this, and I originally though it was my internet, until I tried Max Payne 3 multiplayer and realized I could connect to a match just fine. I have 6 MBPS down, and I live in a major city (it's one of the few that you see on a U.S. map while watching the Weather Channel), so it didn't make sense to me that I couldn't find a match with less than 100 MS ping.

Some notes released by Infinity Ward included:
  • Added more telemetry for matchmaking and made some adjustments on region weighting
This one means that Terminal is definitely coming for MW3, and that Infinity Ward isn't good with secrets.
  • Fix for Terminal missing message incorrectly being displayed in Private Match
PC and Xbox 360 are due to receive the same updates that improve matchmaking, as well as improving lag compensation. I think most of us can agree that this needs to be completely changed to the way it was before MW3. It's nice to think about those who don't have the best internet in the world, but come on, it's frustrating for those of us who do have somewhat decent internet. Google "Lag Compensation Memes" and you'll get around 8 million results.

It also fixes issues with "hacked classes". Now I've seen and been into modded lobbies, but only the classes were modded. You didn't get infections, or any of the annoying crap you see in CoD 4 and World at War. It also didn't harm anyone, because it was only in private match. If it doesn't harm anyone, it's only for the fun, it doesn't ruin public matches where people are more serious about the game, so why remove it?
  • Fixed an issue (introduced inadvertently Tuesday as part of a hot-fix hacker prevention measure) where only the first attachment would register on a player’s secondary in-game when using Overkill Pro.
If you had to give Infinity Ward a report card in terms of keeping the game up to date, fixing bugs, and DLC, what would you give them and why?


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